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18 Dec Segovia celebrates Hanukkah once more


Segovia starts this Monday, December 18th with the lighting of the candles to the Chanukah, also called the Festival of Lights or Lucernarias, one of the most joyful festivities of the Jewish calendar. The value of this celebration is not merely historical, it is present in the Jewish heroism of all times and faith in human freedom. This afternoon at 8pm, the lighting will start and the central and famous Plaza del Corpus will be fully illuminated.

The program of activities includes the performances of the singing group “Songs of the World” and the group of Israeli dance “Compañía GaiaDanza”. The audience will be able to practice Israeli dances and, as is tradition, they will distribute tea and sufganiot, the typical Hanukkah sweet.

In addition to all this, we can also enjoy an exhibition about Anne Frank, open until January 7th, 2018. The project “Reading and writing with Anne Frank” is intended for young people between 9 and 12 years old to bring them closer to the famous book, the collection of quotations and in general, to the world of Anne Frank, the well-known Jewish girl who wrote a diary while she was hiding in an apartment in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation.