20 Jan Segovia and its “3 M”

Beyond the Aqueduct, Alcazar and Cathedral, Segovia, has a unique and varied heritage represented in the 3 M: Wall, Royal House of the Currency and Machado. A tourist product that enhances the cultural richness of this beautiful city not so well known but equally surprising.

La Muralla, has its origin in the eleventh century, runs through the historic center of the city and preserves 3 doors: that of San Cebrián; those of Santiago and San Andrés, in addition to the shutters of Consuelo, San Juan and the Sun and Moon.

The Real Casa de la Moneda, from the 16th century, is the first mechanized coin house in Spain and one of the oldest industrial buildings in Europe. It arose after the order of Felipe II to make a new technique of coining coins by roll.

Finally, the House of Antonio Machado is a modest house in which the poet lived for almost 12 years that was in Segovia in which we will find personal belongings and objects as well as portraits and sculptures of well-known authors, such as Picasso.

With ‘Las 3M’ in Segovia, it also seeks a model of sustainable tourism, decongesting the main tourist route and promoting development in other areas that are also very attractive for the visitor.


Photo by Real Casa de la Moneda