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01 Apr Holy Week of Albacete, declared of National Tourist Interest

It is already official and the BOE, the Official State Gazette: the Holy Week of Albacete has been declared of National Tourist Interest. It is a celebration with great roots and feeling that stands out for its rich artistic, cultural and human heritage, and also for its tourist attraction as well as for the passion and fervor with which these people live these dates.

It should be noted that Holy Week of Albacete has many cultural values ​​and its steps, imagery, clothing … also have a great symbolic and artistic value as well as religious.

The processions start on Palm Sunday and end on Resurrection Sunday. As a curious fact, note that the Nazarenes distribute candy to the public attending the processions, especially the children.

The image of each step is carried by known as costaleros who carry it to the back. In total there are 14 confraternities that go out during these dates with the saints who worship in processions.

Check here the program of events: