06 Mar Holy Week of Calatayud, one of the oldest in Spain

Of Regional Interest, Holy Week of Calatayud is one of the oldest in Spain. Of the many acts and processions highlights especially that celebrated on Good Friday when, in the afternoon from the church of San Juan, the Real part of the ancient procession of the Holy Burial dating from the fifteenth century. It is a great popular manifestation of faith in which twenty processional steps take part, with carvings made between the seventeenth and twentieth centuries. 12 brotherhoods or penitential brotherhoods carrie them and represent more than 300 characters of the old and new testament, forming the two parts of the procession, Old and New Testament. At Plaza de España, the important and ancient Sacramental Auto of the Entombment of Christ is celebrated.

Apart from the faith and these street celebrations typical of these dates, Calatayud is a highly recommended destination at any time of the year. It is a city with an impressive heritage and historical legacy, with its maximum exponent, Mudejar art, present in many of its monuments.

Celts, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians have left their mark in this city full of small squares and large gardens that, together with its historical set, make it a must-see city in Aragon. Its wall, of 2,250 meters of fortified enclosure, has maintained the passage of time eleven centuries, giving it still a special charm to this destination.

In Calatayud you will also enjoy gastronomy in capital letters. Meats, sausages, pastries and confectionery are the main culinary claims without forgetting the wines of the region, with its own appellation of origin.

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