27 Mar Villena Holy Week, more than 150 years of history and emotion

Villena Holy Week is more than one hundred and fifty years old, it is emotional and authentic and the processions take place in an incomparable setting: the streets of this city, with a splendid medieval past. Especially exciting is the Procession of the Encounter between the image of Our Lady of Solitude and that of Our Father Jesus, it is a culminating moment that is accompanied by the singing of a saeta (spanish traditional religious song song).

Beyond Holy Week, Villena is a highly recommended city to enjoy a few days full of history, heritage, culture and delicious gastronomy.

Castle of the Atalaya, is its main heritage atraction. This impressive fortress rises above the Historic Quarter, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, with its narrow and colorful streets. In it, is Plaza Mayor or the Church of Santiago and Santa María, from the 16th century. Virgen de las Virtudes Sanctuary, a former Renaissance monastery dedicated to the patron saint of Villena, is also highly recommended.

In addition, this city has lot of museums: Festero Museum, dedicated to the Moors and Christians Festivities; Navarre Santafé Sculptor Museum, author of works such as the “Bear and the Madroño” of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid; and José María Soler Archaeological Museum, located in the beautiful Renaissance palace of the Town Hall, and keeps among its pieces the famous Treasure of Villena, more than 3,000 years old and which is the most important prehistoric treasure in Europe.

In the gastronomic section, we recommend the Gachamiga, made with garlic, flour, oil and water. La Mancha gastronomy has also left its mark and is evident in dishes such as the traditional Gazpacho de Villena.