02 Mar Holy Week Mediterranean and Mediterranean in Alicante

This year you can live Holy Week by the sea in Alicante. A Mediterranean and salior Holy Week full of light, but also full of folklore, tradition and religiosity.

Some thirty guilds and fraternities work hard throughout the year to make the processions spectacular. In addition to its costaleros and costaleras, the steps are accompanied by bands of music, flowers, candles, candles … in a very special atmosphere, which can not be told, you have to live it. One of its steps, that of Holy Thursday, is the largest in all of Spain and represents the Holy Supper. It weighs more than 12 tons, measures 11 and a half meters long and another three and a half meters wide and requires 200 people to carry it.

Another of the outstanding processions that take place is that of Santa Cruz that is celebrated on Holy Wednesday. It is simply spectacular. It consists of four religious steps and walks through the narrow streets of the old town.

Nothing better to Holy Week holidays than a getaway to Alicante, to enjoy a city that offers everything: spectacular beaches, impressive monuments, spectacular museums, exquisite cuisine and great atmosphere on the street, terraces and bars . The warmth of its climate throughout the year