13 may Seven charming walks through Cuenca

Know a Cuenca in just seven walks and discover its streets, its most charming viewpoints and squares, its legends and museums.

Let’s start with the Route of the Rondas. On this tour you will discover a small passageway called “Christ Passage”, the Museum of Contemporary Art and a spectacular view of the Júcar River.

Route of the mansions and palaces, you will find ancient monasteries, churches and places where you know a little more about the history of Cuenca.

On the walk of museums you can visit the Spanish Abstract Art, among others, enjoy the spectacular views of the hanging houses of the city.

Balconies of Júcar . This route will take you to one of the most beloved of Cuenca, the shrine of Virgen de las Angustias, and also a spectacular viewpoint over the Júcar.

On the route to Alcazar and the Jewish Quarter, you’ll learn more about the neighborhood of Alcazar, in which details of the Arab and Jewish cultures that inhabited this area are appreciated. Also you will know you the Plaza de la Merced, the most monumental part of the city.

The route vertical architecture and path of modernity. Here you can admire the mix of latent architectures in Cuenca, since in the same itinerary you will see buildings dating from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century and others built in the 70s.

To end this route is the Paseo del Huecar, which feel the sound of the river always present and know the most intimate structure of the city.

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