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20 Apr Sevilla celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the 1992 Universal Exposition


On April 20th, 1992 began a dream that became a reality in Seville: the inauguration of the 1992 Universal Exhibition, which commemorated the V Centennial of the Discovery of America. To this end, another city was built on Isla de la Cartuja, on the left bank of the Guadalquivir, where the Monastery of La Cartuja is located, a place that was so closely linked with Christopher Columbus. More than 120 countries participated in this great event, each displaying, in their respective pavilions, their traditions, culture, gastronomy …. and much more. Expo’92 meant for Seville to place it on the world map, but also a transformation in its physiognomy. Also, Expo’92 was a success in number of visitors, about 40 million.

In 2017, the 25th anniversary of this important event is celebrated, and to celebrate it, an exhibition has been organized in the Pavilion of Navigation, one of the five thematic pavilions that made up its offer, and which still survives. The opening and closing dates of this commemorative exhibition will be the same as the celebration of this exhibition, from April 20th to 12th October.