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21 Oct Seville, ideal destination for “Foodies”


If for you the gastronomy is a very important part of your trip and you are looking for a city with a long culinary tradition for your next getaway, Seville is the ideal destination: its immense and delicious proposal of food and drink will leave a fantastic taste.

Its gastronomy is as rich as varied: recipes of yesteryear that have passed from generation to generation, where traditional and modern cuisine blend, and tasty dishes, make the gastronomic offer of Seville is considered first class.

Although in this city we can find excellent restaurants of any national and international specialty, Sevillian gastronomy finds its true identity in “tapas”, very present in bars and taverns. Savor its famous “pescaíto frito” (fried fish), rice, salad, tortillas, croquettes, prawns, squid, seasoned potatoes, potajes, gazpacho, pavia cod, carillada, bull tails or pringá, are some of the typical dishes that you should taste during your stay in Seville, all accompanied by sherry, chamomile or amontillados wines, but the warm Sevillian climate advises the cold beer. Its not a simple act of eating and drinking, it is a social act of the most fun.

Bon Appetite!

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