20 dic Seville at Christmas

 Seville is the perfect city to feel the magic of a party that is shared with the people, it traditions, food, light, fair nativity Scenes most important of Spain or the impressive spectacle of Mapping on the City Hall.


The city is looking forward to you come back for Christmas. Seville is an unique place in the world for its open character. A city with a captivating personality that knows how to open to visitors and make naturally meeting places. A full of culture, history and tradition city, but also has attractive contemporary spaces.

The atmosphere at this time is intimate and bustling, streets, buildings and shops are decorated with thousands of lights, you will find various incentive to go out and enjoy the city, people all over the streets doing the traditional holiday shopping (in shopping streets, shops or markets)… definitely, a lively city where thousands of people look forward to welcoming a city where you’re the star.

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