26 Mar Special program of guided tours in Holy Week in Valladolid

An extensive program of guided tours this Holy Wee at Valladolid. From March 23rd to April 3rd, this program includes two cultural routes: one through the he Ribera del Duero and another through lands of Rueda. It also extends the usual offer of the tourist bus and the tower of the Cathedral.

And if you are interested in the most religious and cultural aspect of Valladolid Holy Week, there are scheduled routes to visit churches, contemplate the leftovers of image makers like Gregorio Fernández, Juan de Juni, Andrés Solanes or Francisco del Rincón, among others, and you can know a Processional Step is built.

To discover the main attractions of Valladolid, there are walks through the main monuments of the city, day and night, and in several languages. We emphasize the El Hereje route, whose main thread is the trajectory of the protagonist of Cervantes’ novel.

There are some specific routes for families with children. Highly recommended wine routes too.