23 May Tarraco Viva 2017 in Tarragona

Tarragona celebrates these days, until May 28th, a new edition of its popular festival Tarraco Viva with which the city seeks to spread the history of its splendorous Roman past and make us reflect on it. And it does it very well: it recreates to perfection daily life and military as well as theater, gladiators, home, cooking, literature, fashion ….

In addition to this informative aspect, Tarraco Viva seeks to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of preserving historical heritage; encourage cultural tourism and citizen participation; putting in value museums, archaeological sites, monumental sites and centers of interpretation of the Roman historical heritage of Europe and other countries or arouse interest in the history of the smallest, are some of the strengths of these days.

Tarraco Viva began to be celebrated in 1999 on the occasion of a series of acts that were intended to give citizen support to the candidacy of Tarraco as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The success was indisputable so it was decided to hold this event every year.

Check here the schedule: