13 Jan “Templar for a day” in Lleida


The Castle of Gardeny in Lleida invites us to participate in a unique experience: to experience first-hand what the daily life of a Templar knight should have been like.

How should the daily life of the Templars be in one of their “encomiendas”? What did they eat, how did they dress, where did they keep their goods and how did they get them, how did they prepare for battle, who could be templar … If you want to resolve these or other doubts about this military order, the best way is to become a “Templar” for a day”.

The old Gardeny encomienda, an imposing fortress of the XII-XIII centuries, invites you to visit its rooms and live in each space as it was the day to day of a Templar knight, as well as the different members that were part of the community .

To achieve this, and with the intention that those who visit us, whether families or groups of friends, can find out the function of each of the spaces in the castle and relive the daily life of the Templars, different objects recreated on the basis of originals of the time, such as a military harness from the mid-thirteenth century, which visitors should use as such.

So if you want to know the Order of the Temple in a rigorous and fun way, while you go through an unknown castle, dare to be “Templar for a Day”.

The second Sundays of each month are celebrated. Prior reservation is essential. 973-700319.