Cartel Otoño del Caballo de Córdoba 2017

08 Aug The Autumn of the Horse in Córdoba

Córdoba, declared World Heritage, offers pure multiculturalism not just in its historic centre, but in the whole atmosphere: the flavourings of its gastronomy, and the friendly and joyful nature of its citizens will turn your visit into an unique experience.


The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Córdoba is, without doubts, its amazing historic and architectural heritage; the magnificent mosque-cathedral of the city is the most important of the Islamic West and the reference of the city as a tourist attraction. But the whole architectural complex is composed by many others things you can’t miss: the Jewry, the Santa María and San Miguel churches, the Andalusí House, the Synagoge… And its charming squares, courts and streets.

Furthermore you have another unavoidable date this Autumn in the city: the Autumn of the Horse of Córdoba. An only event that unites every single fair and show dedicated to the figure of the horse. This noble animal has always been linked to Córdoba: yet already in 1570 the King Felipe II created the purebred Spanish horse in the royal stables. And this autumn the city will be de heart of the horse world, the place to be for horse lovers.

Activities, championships, events and shows will fulfil the agenda from October to December, starting with the International Fair of Equestrian Tourism (from the 5th until the 8th October). Another events are going to be the Show of Horse Trades and Traditions (on the 4th November) and the cycle of conferences “Córdoba capital of Horse” (6th-10th December). Take a look at the activities clicking this link, and plan your trip to the City of Three Cultures.


You also have here the tourism webpage of Córdoba, where you’ll find all the information you need to move and stay in the city.