12 mar The Easter of Cuenca, International Tourist Interest

If you want to live a magical and unique Easter, lyou must make an Avexperience getaway to Cuenca. Declared International Tourist Interest, its origin is unclear but it is known but we know that 6 centuries ago the city started to celebrate processions. Sample passion, spirituality, belief, music and color, its so characteristic streets and slopes make it a fantastic stage for the many processions coming out. Among them, the Saint Friday “The Turbas”, the Road to Calvary, is one of the most important. The Turbos stage the walk of Jesus to Calvary and they walk before the image of the Nazareno accompanied by the rhythmic banging their drums and causing the sharp sound off bugles. It is also evident musical tradition with the singing of the famous Miserere call Pradas. It´s impressive see how the 30 brotherhoods, properly characterized, carrying “pasos” (religious images).

These days, Cuenca is able to accommodate a devotee with a more festive atmosphere, even gastronomic too. In fact, at Easter, this Avexperience destination smells to resoli and delicate flavor of gingerbread, honeyed toast and sweet rolls.

Coinciding with Easter, is celebrated in Cuenca Religious Music Week, which annually with major orchestras and performers of international fame. (http://www.smrcuenca.es).

More information about Easter of Cuenca: http://bit.ly/1GnIkSk

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