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17 Aug The mining origin of Puertollano

Puertollano is a locality with mining tradition, and big part of its elements is related to it.

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In the same access rotunda we are given to the city by the welcome the Castillete of the Well of Santa Maria, the emblem of this one, which was integrated to the mine of Asdrúbal, where it was used in the extraction works, and which was moved in 1999.

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Of big importance also it is the Museum of the Mining, located in the park North Well. It is formed by a central body and two ships that surround the Castillete of the North Well of close to 30 meters high. Along with this one there is one of the attractive elements of the museum, the elevator that it imitates to the cage in which the miners were descending. In it goes over to even to an underground gallery that recreates the mining activity, and the building simulates a workshop of selection, where the carbones were qualifying for sizes.

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In addition to this two castilletes Puertollano preserves other six more, how the Castillete of the Well Elorza. Also the Calatrava siding remains in foot, one of the first industrial complexes of Spain.

Also it is worth visiting the monument in honor to the miners, a statue of bronze 17 meters high, on top of the hill of Santa Anna, where we will be able to enjoy incredible views of the city.

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More info: http://avexperience.es/destinos-ave/puertollano/