15 jun The night of San Juan in Malaga

Malaga is a Mediterranean city that celebrates Night of San Juan. On 23th June, in the evening, thousands of people come to its fabulous beaches to celebrate, as tradition dictates, the arrival of summer. There are plenty of bonfires, wishes, good music and famous “espetos” of sardines.

At twelve o’clock in the midnight the “júas” which are large rag dolls stuffed with sawdust, paper or other materials are burned. Own neighbors and groups of friends the make and usually represent a known character that characterizes so exaggerated.

Legend has it that people who bathe in the sea i face with sea water to wash, to give midnight, retain the beauty.

Avexperience takes to make a trip to Malaga in San Juan and enjoy all the culture, history, heritage, sun, beach and good food.

More info: http://www.malagaturismo.com