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10 Aug The Peaks of Europe of León

Do you feel like doing a getaway to the nature? León is the ideal place for it, since it is surrounded with mountains and natural spaces. You have many options where to choose, although the Peaks of Europe stand out more than others.

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In the Peaks of Europe different routes can be done to discover its delight. One of it is the route of the Cares, which passes for the ravine of the river Cares. Along this ravine spectacular sceneries can be contemplated created for cut vertiginous. During this route you will be able to see the famous bridges of the Bolín and that of the Chamoises, and we will finish in Poncebos, Asturias, where we will see the created access so that the salmons rise to the river and to save the difference. But undoubtedly, the most impressive area of the route is on having gone out of Caín, on having happened for a few narrow tunnels surrounded with water throughout.

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Riaño should be an obligatory stop in the Peaks, at the entry of these and to 95 km from the capital, he gets up on a beautiful vale, which although it was flooded partly to construct a marsh its beauty still preserves. Today it is possible to do surfing, sail and other activities focused in the marsh.

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It is worth visiting also The Vecilla a lovely place that it keeps the very well preserved traditional architecture.

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