23 Nov Toledo, living history

Take advantage of one of the longest holidays of the year in Spain, in December (6th to 10th), in the best possible way: visiting one of the cities with more history through its streets, Toledo, the city of the three cultures.

It is one of the few cities that still retains a medieval atmosphere through its walls, sheltered in walls and towers, through which we can access through different entrances to the incredible and beautiful historic center of the capital. The main entrance is known as Puerta de Bisagra, and goes to Puente de San Martín and Puente de Alcántara in different positions.

We have multiple options within Toledo depending on what we are most interested in knowing and visiting, we can see it from the architectural point of view, opt for the immensity of the Cathedral, the central and famous Plaza de Zocodover or the imposing Castillo del Alcázar. Focusing specifically on the square, this is the vital center of the capital of Castilla La Mancha and also a curious fact of the same is that it has free Wi-Fi throughout the square.

At the cultural level, there are several highly recommended museums: Santa Cruz Museum where itinerant exhibitions are held and works are often brought from Prado Museum, Sephardic Museum, Visigoth Council Museum, Victoria Macho Museum and some more. Its complete an attractive artistic offer.

Also highly recommended are the guided tours to alternative routes through improvised routes through the infinity of alleys that the capital has. We especially recommend visiting the traditional courtyards of the Toledo houses, since they are a true spectacle of color and harmony. The Toledan courtyard is a patrimonial heritage of ancient civilizations, such as Romans and Arabs, but nevertheless they have their maximum precedent in Arab culture, where houses were arranged around this space.

Regarding gastronomy, we have different options that range from Castilian-La Mancha cuisine, to international and author cuisine, and even to vegetarian food. The typical food is the deer, which can be tasted in different dishes, even in hamburgers.

On the other side are the typical carcamusas: a meat stew with tomato and delicious peas. And already going to the dessert, we have the marzipan, typical product of the area.

If you like to go out at night, a perfect place to enjoy a few drinks is the Art Circle where concerts and monologues are held, this place is a converted church, which in the afternoon is a cafeteria, and at night it is a pub.

More information: http://www.toledo-turismo.com