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20 Aug Toledo, the gastronomic capital 2016

This year Toledo is the gastronomic capital of Spain, if you were looking for an excuse already to visit the city you have it. A getaway to Toledo is the perfect combination between patrimony, culture and gastronomy.

Every month it has a proper product, the August product is the garden of the Vega of the Tajo, the establishments adapt its tapas and tastings concerning this product, without stopping offering also another type of products. In September the product of the month is the bread and the wine, in October the marzipan, in November the hunting products, and in December the olive oil.

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Other products gourmet that you can taste in the city are the asadillo of peppers, the tail of glazed bull to the wine of the Mancha and creamy of potato, the carcamusas of Iberian chinstrap of acorn, rice pudding and black trumpets, and many others. The mouth is done to us it waters down only of speaking about them.

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Don’t go of Toledo without buying a memory so that also your friends could savor the extract and gastronomy of the city of La Mancha. A few sweets of the Convent of Santiago Apóstol, or a few marzipans of the Convent of San Clemente are ideal to give.


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