22 Feb Toledo and its Holy Week of International Tourist Interest

The Holy Week of Toledo is of International Tourist Interest and has an unparalleled setting that enhances the beauty and solemnity of the processions and steps: its narrow and steep streets, which generate a very special and conducive atmosphere for this tradition, especially for the night.

From March 25th to April 1st, as is tradition, the processions leave at night to show its majesty and sobriety by candlelight. Each Brotherhood wears its characteristic clothing, Nazarene type, composed of habit with sash and cap, capuz or capirote on the head, many with veil that hides the face.

These dates are very favorable to access the churches, convents and monasteries, which are authentic artistic gems, open to the public on Thursday and Good Friday and closed practically the rest of the year. Precisely in those two days the most important processions of Toledo are celebrated. Check all the acts of interest here:

And in your getaway to Toledo this Holy Week can not miss the gastronomy of these dates. Taste Toledo delicacies such as stews, casseroles and spoon dishes, but also Manchego Cochifrito, Toledana Rice, Carcamusa or Braised Partridge. In the section of sweets do not miss torrijas, pestiños, marzipan, rice with milk or fried milk. A delight to enjoy the cuisine of a lifetime, full of flavor and textures.