26 Jan V Route of the Cover of the Iberian Pig in Villanueva de Córdoba


Villanueva de Cordoba exalts, this weekend, one of its main hallmarks of gastronomic level: the Iberian pig, with the celebration from today and until Sunday of the 5th Route of the Iberian Pig Tapa. An excellent opportunity to taste the delicacies of this town in the form of a tapa, and at a great price, in any of the 23 bars, restaurants, coffee shops and taverns that have joined the initiative.

Among those who taste, at least 6 tapas, will be raffled an Iberian ham of acorn so that whoever wants to continue enjoying this delicacy at home.

Beyond its gastronomic delights, Villanueva de Cordoba is always a good plan to disconnect a few days and enjoy its nature and Dehesa, the largest in all of Europe; admire its heritage with a visit to the church of San Miguel Arcángel, the hermitage of San Sebastián, the church of Cristo Rey, the church of the Sweet Name of Jesus, and the Hospital of Jesus Nazareno; visit the old Antiaircraft Refuge, built during the Civil War and take a walk through the Royal Street of court and know the legacy of María Jesús Herruzo, among many other plans.

Route of  Tapa:

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