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05 Dec Live Christmas in Barcelona!


Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to travel and Barcelona is waiting for you. If you have a few days off, escape to Barcelona because its patrimonial, cultural and gastronomic attractions are joined by the many activities that the city offers you to enjoy these festivities to the fullest.

In addition to Christmas lighting, worth seeing, visit the Santa Lucia Fair and the Christmas Fair of the Sagrada Familia (decoration, products and typical cuisine of this time of year, cribs, gifts … and a great atmosphere).

Christmas can also be felt in the most emblematic neighborhoods with dozens of leisure alternatives and traditional fairs, workshops and other activities.

There are two Belens that are worth visiting especially: Plaza de Sant Jaume, designed by the architect Jordi Dauder, and the patio of Marès Museum, of the Association of Barcelona Folk Artists with a much more traditional touch than the first.

It will be circus, dance, theater, cinema, theater, solidarity fairs and responsible consumption too… Everything to live an unforgettable Christmas in a city that always surprises.


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