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20 Mar Zaragoza, Holy Week city

The river Ebro and its people make Zaragoza an accessible and open city for the tourists, and thanks to its great Cultural movement Zaragoza it’s a city which no dissapoint; also the Holy Week is so near that you can smell the incense along the Old City, one of the biggest of Spain.

Talk about the Easter of Zaragoza is the same as mention the percussion, hundred-year tradition and crowd. With over 700 years of history, this International Tourist Interest party, is the granny of the Spanish Holy Weeks. Is characterised by the sound of its “pasos” and processions: followed by more than 7.000 drums that shake the streets. This year is gonna be different, the Processión of the Holy Burial (on the Good Friday) is gonna be a commemoration of the 400 anniversary of the Holy Week, in which are going to parade the whole bunch of the brotherhoods through a long distance tour in the Old City: 6 hours during which you’ll meet the city on all its essence.

With no doubts, this Easter is more than that, is pure passion and emotion, a close and intimate approach to the death and resurrection of Christ, is a celebration of the faith that dye the streets with the colours of the habits of every brotherhood … In which each step is fundamental: since the Palm Sunday (9th April) until the Easter Sunday (16th April), touching all the events in the middle that you can check in the offical webpage ( And if you want to prepare yourself properly before the Easter, start now taking the Cofrade Tour that cover the most representative points of this festivity (every Saturday from the 4th March until the 8th April, at 10:00 am); you can also take any of the tours that the Tourism Office is offering apart from the Holy Week topic: the Biztour, the Divertour, the Gastronomic visits, and more guided tours about some other themes.

Leave space for visiting some of the most emblematic monuments of Zaragoza, like the impressive Pilar Basilic with its astonishing Goya frescos, the SEO and its Tapestry Museum or the Alfajería with an hispanic-muslim architecture and beautiful gantries and courtyards; moreover you can check the agenda of the Caixaforum if you’re interested in getting closer to the current art movements.

And to finish this trip, take some notes about the “Tapas” areas. Zaragoza offers a great variety on its gastronomy, more or less close to the tradition but still interesting. This areas are: Santa María square, the typical Zona del Tubo, the Zona de San Miguel (forefront and tradition, all in just a bite) … Every minute counts, so find a place in your calendar to visit Zaragoza and verify what we’re telling.

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