31 Jan Zaragoza awaits you at Carnival

Zaragoza is one of the Spanish cities with the most carnival tradition. From the 5th to the 11th of February it celebrates these festivities, full of fun, party and good mood, starting with Jueves Lardero with the traditional delivery of longaniza accompanied by the typical verbena in the Rampa Park Park Tent. The next day the music will accompany the celebration and the Carnival Parade with a complete parade through the streets of the city center. On Saturday there will be Grand Parade and, at night, Great Carnival Party and costume contest. Also a very typical act will be carried out: the Liberation of the King of Roosters, a character of the Zaragoza Carnival that gains ground, year after year, and whose origins leave from the University when the funniest student was named “king” of joke during These holidays represent the typical lack of control of these. On Sunday, the children will be the protagonists of the day with party, proclamation and parades with children’s theme.